Queens, Ny Testo

Testo Queens, Ny

I string em along with some acoustic guitar shit
Tell em park it in front of Neiman Marcus
I need that, I need that
When we gon chill, where the weed at, the weed at?
Said you got a Spider, where them keys at? Them keys at?
Living on em, shitted on em [?]
I'm hotter than the sauna, [?] is under
Calm yourself before you get dealt with
Had the medics working on your pelvis
DOA there's nothing left to say
Went down like an hourglass
Paris 1st class regardless
Saying bitches are responsive
Me, I'm in the streets rocking the peace that's retarded
In the diamond district with Jacob
Making loot you little cons wanna savor

[Hook: 50 Cent]
We come from Queens where we are taught to handle
Beef on our own
You call up cops, we get it poppin
We be out with the chrome

Where Brooklyn at? Where Bronx at? Where Harlem at?
Where Statan at?

All my men is caped up, stingy with the snatch
Cause niggas get too attached
Sleep with the ratchet under the mattress
Natural: my cat got a 5 o'clock shadow
That don't matter cause niggas still bat her
You chicks is getting fucks
I'm on top, that's how I bop like Juliette stopped
Eat it or beat it, you should already know my friend
You're not needed: next nigga reading this
Word to everything with some G shit
Fuck with me, give me a reason
Feel something hot, change the whole season
For the greater good, make you fix your demons
It's the loca, caramel mocha
Bitches is on their sofa, I'm taking over
You now rocking with the best mama
Bombshell hood hottie in the egg-shell Bughatti, oh!


[50 Cent:]
Ease on em, squeeze on em
Moved up the 223's on em
Weeze on em, dreeze on em
In the bandanna, thinkin it's gang-related

We on that gritty shit, the city shit
New York New York
You come through on some pretty shit
Get outlined in chalk
I get busy, I'm strapped now
I'm tryna say I want you motherfuckers to act out
I had that ass sprint towards the door when I back out
Don't do it, don't you do it
Don't make me sit to you
Holy moly, icy diamonds are perpetual
Diamonds blinking like Hayes take a look at it
I'm a regular bad man, they say I'm a mad man
Fuck a mask and gloves
I lay it on bare hands
We come from a war zone, them Southside streets
Where anything and everything gets gunned to eat