Can't Change Me Testo

Testo Can't Change Me

So there you are with your fake ass smile
Pretending that you're really on my side
To me your talk ain't nothing but lies
From day one I've seen through your disguise
So superior, so above the rest
I'll never fall for your kind
And that you stand for makes me sick
Using people thinking that you're Mr Slick

You talk to me well don't waste your time
I don't want your opinion
Been doing fine for years without people like you
Telling me what the fuck to do
And that's the way it'll always be
You can't change me no way
Cause my ideals and values are from the heart
You can't keep us apart

Ain't got no room for you in my life
Not now and there will never be
I really can't see no future in you
You really don't care about me don't say you do
I can't believe the things you say
That I would really need you
What do you know about me or my kind
Got nothing for me now please let me leave you behind