Once Proud To Be Testo

Testo Once Proud To Be

Someone is singing on our anthem
Someone is carrying our flag
These two are the kind of things you're not allowed to do today
They're a symbol of the wrong way
And not what they used to be
Been used for a different reason and slowly drifted away

Look at our nation dragged in the dirt
Once proud to be now ashamed and hurt
Ignorant fools is what's become of us
Can't even see that it's our own loss

I won't be singing on no anthem
Won't be carrying our flag
Until something has been done but will that ever be?
We've got ourselves a situation
No longer proud to be
So step aside our nation is dead one dead hypocrisy

Looks like we all need a reminder of how things used to be
Got a patriotic heart inside
And I'd like to be able to be proud to be
A part of this nation and all that it stands for
Without shame questioning our doubt proud for all to see

I was once proud to be
But that is something that I never ever will be again