California Testo

Testo California

Verse 1:

We could pack
the car rite now
and leave this
town forever

maybe go where
the weathers warm
to the coast
of California

we could live
in a small
beach shack just
you and me together

living just the
two of us
with our troubles
in the wind

the times as
good as any
and were not
getting any younger

if we don't leave
rite now
we may not
get a second chance

I've got this
sudden urge
for change and I've
got to feed the hunger

I'll sing to you
while we're
in the car
if you'll do that little dance


Let's pack our bags
and leave this town
put the peddal to the medal
cause we're not slowing down

It's a dead escape in
the middle of the summer
I'll sing to you you'll be
my dash board drummer

Like escape convicts
on the run
look out calli
here we come



Verse 2:

If I bought you
a dimond for
your hand would
you love me forever

and if I gave
you my last name
would you still do
those things you do

in sickness or
in perfect health
my intentions for
the better

Love does not
change seasonal
cause I'm crazy
over you