Something More Testo

Testo Something More

Verse 1:

She wakes up to the sun break
tired from being out late
headache still baked
knows not where she is

body feeling sore
from the floor
she is naked and tore
lying there sleeping with him

Picks up all her cloths
and she knows how this goes
an emotion blow
but she tries not to show

all the feelings that are felt
on the drive to her home
that she knows
just a little to well


I want something more
than this live by the moment
life I've been living in

Something worth fighting for
something I can stand by
with utmost devotion

no matter how hard I try
something falls apart and
I'm back at the starting line

so hard to just get by
when your living day by day

Verse 2:

now she sits there
she's wondering
she's despratly pondering
the purpose of life

and how it's supposed to be

lacking inovation
no motivation
needeles and pills to
help set her

emotions locked inside
that she hides but the
mirror on the wall doesn't know
how to lie every time
shes confronted with the past
by the person in the glass
she breaks down and she screams