Danny I See You Testo

Testo Danny I See You

Ooh, ooh
Ooh ooh, yeah, yeah (Huh)
(Hey, [?]) Okay
Danny, I see you
(Let's go)

Put a lil' nigga on a stretcher (Ooh, lil' nigga)
You want no beef? You a Hamburger Helper (You don't want no smoke)
Cap that, lil' nigga, you a rat (Cap that)
Shot at lil' nigga with .38 special (With a .38)
Stay outta the streets, you ain't ready for pressure
As you lay in the bushes, don't bring out your cellular (Shit)
I smell like that paraphernalia (Smell like)
Can't fuck with these niggas, they tell on (Can't fuck with us)
I thought it was nothin', I put a whole bell on it
Found a plug with the bricks, put a cell on it (Bricks)
Did it myself, I didn't have no beat, homie
Had to get rich, I can't let these pussy niggas shit on (Pussy nigga)
I go everywhere with the stick on me (Everywhere)
I go everywhere with a Glock with a dick on it (Glock with a dick)
Lil' goat, they be my diamonds, honeycomb (Ooh, ooh)
Shoot at the opps all night, we ain't goin' home
Rolls-Royce got my [?] in silence (Ooh)
Got a bankroll in my pocket, I need a binder (Fuck it up)
Put the weed all the way down like a grinder
Get out the way and I'm waitin' behind her (Get it up)
Little nigga, I might just sign ya (Might sign)
Bet on the dice and I'm cheat on my slime (My slime)
I see you like Danny, I bet I'ma find you
Danny, I see you (Yeah, let's go)
Run up a check like I run the track (I run the track)
Hit lil' bitch with a baseball bat (Hit a lil' bitch)
Take the chains out and my pockets got racks (Got racks)
Took down, know a nigga had to say it (Just say it)
Ballin' like I'm runnin' with Dipset (Ballin, Dipset)
Got a swimming pool, pussy too wet (Too wet)
Nigga got a car (Skrrt skrrt), swerve off in a 'Vette (I'm in the 'Vette)
Play that ball like the Russian Roulette (Roulette)