Run On Sentence Testo

Testo Run On Sentence

Arcaze on the beat
Oh, this bitch gon' be straight freestyles, I be runnin' through shit, you know I get shit done
A-and h-how Durk say? I get shit done
On gang
I showed the block up wit' a run on sentence

Bounce out, took the wrong route to yo' destination
I know these crackers tryna label this an organization
We got the work so tap in do an application
Drove a car on Perc, tell her spin for a couple Haitians
Ooh, but it's Durk, Joe dirt get a shirt go wit' him
Put full block on all alert and gave a yoppa to him
Mama I know black boy got way cause that's my DNA
I'm livin A be A C die by Frito Lay
Oh this shit ain't permits dog breathin now he gon to waste
Oh so you anemic? we got treatment for them type of things
I done gave lease on a cooler, we call him AC
Even though the stick came with a cooler, it Miami heat
Like I said in "Front Door", we at your front door, we could link and meet
I don't do none that lean, Backwoods, don't bring Swishers Sweets
I guess his mama musta fucka the road that's why he so concrete
Dis shit done got wiser, I'm a year older, I just move the street
And ever since drop the charges, claim they gon' try for weed
Baby this that gas, this that opp, this that rapper weed
Call you Johnny Apple like the book you, boy smoke hella seeds
We 7-11 like Blocc Boy can't go in there cause its cancer season
Trap done closed cause we don't [?]
You see that jit with that black mask, yeah, he got sent for treason
I throw middle fingers to my past, that's what made a nigga
Jump in yo' shit you thought it got towed, I guess I made it nigga
Everybody hand out like I owe 'em, but who done paid a nigga?
Detail always with me, I be smokin with my baby sitter
Hit the road on that sour bitch 'cause she bitter bitter
Everything sparked ain't meant to snap, I'ma expose a nigga
And every nigga with me done cut off pills control their system
Me, OD and Baby Joe go dumb, dumb and dumber
I was on the up and in lick fuck around and vomit
Sayin' my shit sound the same, I ain't gon' rap, delete ya comments
Pull up on a nigga curb and clear the scene, who done done it
Shit I'm in here feelin' like G Herbo, Who run it?
Devin Hester in '06, I'm in here waitin' for you to punt it
'Cause I ain't kick it with no kicker when she scissor they be runnin'
I be packin' pistols like utensils all in middle school
I was in her jaw, fuck the shark, I'm the dealer dude
We be breakin' laws in my draws, while I stuff the tool
Ooh, we too advanced for you man they think middle school
We got the plug, on that sayin' "What the socket do?"
Ball man we take trip to Mars he got altitude
Ain't like the boulder on her shoulders cause her mouth was rude
And now she seein' me and these blue hundreds must think, I'm a fool