Memory Lane Testo

Testo Memory Lane

Sour K on the beat, yuh

White mask, time to suit up
They only know GlokkNine for the guns and the boot up
I got a daughter on the way, I don't even want her to know that her old man really is a shooter
You on top like an elevator
I watched my nigga hit in different counties, came up like a escalator
I'm tryna serve 'em, where the dinner table?
How he on and you mistakin' me? I think you false impersonatin'
They givin' out false allegations
Said I fucked another bitch and got her pregnant with another baby
Really all these niggas soldier hatin'
Throwin' dirt up on my name, tryna come up, shit been motivatin'
I been clutchin' on my pistol lately
She got dumb brain, I swear to God, this bitch, she got education
She gave me a whole affidavit
Fuck a Xan, give me a Addy, I'ma boot, I'm regenerated
They don't know how I been feelin' lately
223s clear the scene, drop the roof off the ceiling, baby
I told her, "Get up out your feelings, baby"
I ain't cuffin' you and you ain't cuffin' me, that's how the situation
I'ma rock 'bout my niggas, even if a fist fight or slingin' pistols
Yeah, I know my neck right, my chain bigger
We came from the same hood, nigga, same system
I done watched that fame do it, how it changed niggas
You 'posed to be right here, nigga, same pictures
But me and OD posted for the camera, though
All in the camera, screamin', "Gang, gang"
Hollerin' out, "Bitch, free Lil Kameo"
All my niggas, they gon' maintain
'Cause I swear, Lil Yo, he already rolled

Free my nigga, man
The system tryna rope my nigga on the RICO
I swear you, he, and she know
It's Lil Nine from the block, it's Lil Nine with a Glock
Sour K on the beat, I put a bitch to sleep
Ayy, yuh
Sour K on the beat, yuh