Absolution: Of Flight And Failure Testo

Testo Absolution: Of Flight And Failure

There is nowhere to turn, I have nowhere to go
They've burned down the bridges and boarded up the doors
So I'll make my escape with feathers, wax and string.
Fly far from this place, 'till there's nothing left to see.
Its so far, down to the ground.

What awaits for me? I long for things unseen. Your warnings fail.
I would rather die then never try.
Now watch me climb with the wind at my feet. The clouds become the ground.
I sense the folly in my ways.
It weighs me down, so far down. These wings can't hold me up!
But these wings cannot fail me! They have taken me this far.
Father! You have blessed me with these hands, though they are calloused and they are scarred. You have blessed me with these hands. But they are destined to let me down.

Dare I heed the warnings that you've given?
If I fail then I fail with my pride.

As the salt water fills my lungs, I finally see
That I've forsaken Your will, and replaced it with my own selfish needs.
But oh, my God, won't you let me fall from the sky, embraced in flames?
I've done this to myself.

These wings were built with purpose, but I have used them for my own.
These hands were made to lift you up so high, instead they tear you down.
If I'm to drown into the depths then let me go. For a second chance,
Ill start my life over. My lord I'll give, with love, my everything