.The.Artists.Signature. Testo

Testo .The.Artists.Signature.

You once promised to
to give me
everything that you have
so don't ask me why
i'm tearing away
at the bones that retain what you owe to me

engraved in head stones
on sorrows veil
as i sing to you what the old wives tell
and here you lie before me
broken smile, distorted
just as i dreamed

and shot gun shells
speak of true love
until death do us part
though i've fallen for every lie
i'm smiling with every blow

what have i done?
your frozen tears like shards of glass
piercing my lungs
for every kiss you stole
i'll take one quart of blood
who could have known
something so cold could flow so warm?
what have i done?
your paltry words fell on sliced wrists
and i want to be the shrapnel
that carves out your eyes
puncturing your promise
embedded to deep to be removed

so here we go again
"don't feel special
you're not the first
and you're not the last."
so this is what you meant by
"with all of my heart"