.When.Hearts.Run.Dry. Testo

Testo .When.Hearts.Run.Dry.

Tell me have you ever seen blood
form icicles (in mid july)
show me
how you used your eyes
to kill my daydreams all night
while i'm all alone
i'll try to stand strong
but silence only proves that i was wrong
maybe i'll smile
once your gone
the empty sky ignites
as she begins to fade away from me

i kissed you a hundred times in my mind
before i plunged the knife
look into my eyes
they're begging for what was lost
within my mind, a hundred times
the knife won't shine when hearts run dry
i'll charm carve my way into your heart
between your lips lies on last breathe
it rolls off of your tongue
and now you're gone

when hearts run dry
and no longer bleed
the sky ignites as she fades away from me
a fallen star burns with goodbyes
in fluorescent moons i can't confide
time is always wasted
it's always wasted on me
another empty sky ignites
as she fades away from me
i'd love to hear my voice
echo in the walls
of your eviscerated heart

you took me by the heart
i'll take you by the neck
i'd throw you down these stairs
to never see your smile again...