Dead Man's Victory Testo

Testo Dead Man's Victory

I met the devil at the crossroads
Cause this broken back
And hollow bones
Can hold no more
These hollow bones

Brief intermissions
Between splintered tongue
A defunct barter system
I swear I got the best of him

Oh I know I've done a lot of wrong
And my mistakes, they'll catch up with me
But I'll be damned
Oh I'll be damned
If I'd ever change the life I lead
Cause I've got this noose that I call time
its gripping tighter at my neck
And with each day
Oh with each day
I feel that chair

Keep keeping on
Oh I keep on

Carve my name in hearts
Cause this marble is ever changin'

Take all that you can grab
And when your arms can hold no more
Let's see if it fills the hole
In empty chest in your empty soul

Hold strong
My gritted teeth
And when you've ground your teeth down to the gums
Hold strong