The Burden Of Being Testo

Testo The Burden Of Being

I've felt the force of gravity
Pushing down on me
My dreams steadily at my fingertips
But somehow just out of reach
I've traveled a million miles
So What's a few more?
What's A few more to go?
But am I heading in the right direction
I fear ill never know
Oh, but I've got this passion
It Lies in the pit of my heart
Finds its way into the words I speak
It knows the end, before I start

As I tie this noose around my own neck
I speak my final words and pay my last respects
This burden of being these dead memories
are leading the way and setting me free

Can't shake this
Can't shake this feeling

If each road I take
Leads to the same dead end
I'll take the scenic route
anchored by fear I descend
No, I don't want to
Give up this fading ghost
Endless cycles
Broken records
I wanted a revolution
And I was brought back to where I began

I'm made bitter from the process over time