The Red Queen Testo

Testo The Red Queen

Do the worker bees die on their knees through the time lines that they live
Devoted to the red queen and the hives best practices
The innate capacity to understand
Decipher the blueprints to master plans devised thousands of years ago
March to the drum
The trumpets false prophets
Propaganda, the dialog of choice
Rewired brains
Antennas receptive to what's black and what's white
Diluting our minds
Stand idly by
Find comfort in submission
Assembly line editions
From cradle to grave, we've romanced the idea that silence is golden
Seducing the mainstream with punk rock ideals
Hey worker bees
Hey soldier ants
With tongues sharp as knives you must clench your teeth
Speak up
A revolution built upon sound bites
Falling in and out of the context.