Monogamous Testo

Testo Monogamous

This is a song to you, my loverWhy don't you call or just come overIt seems to me that you've been gone foreverYour smile so sunny and brightYour hair as dark as the nightAnd your big grey eyes that I'd love to seeI hear the echo of your laughterRemember how hard it was to catch youWhile you danced around with an air so freeAnd oh, how my world would brighten upWhen in the morning you would wake upAnd turn around just to smile at meAre you staying away just to be mysteriousIf you want to play, can't we do it togetherWith all the bugs around, we ought to be monogamousSo baby, be mine, be mine, be mineMy sweet love, where can you be nowIf I could just see you somehowYou've been gone for quite an eternityIf only you'd write me a letter'Twould make me feel so much betterWe'd be together like we ought to be[Composed by Angeli; (c)1991 Shenai Song Productions (ASCAP)]