The Car Song Testo

Testo The Car Song

I sold my old car todayTo say goodbye to you and memories of yesterdayThere was just too much of you in itLike an old photographA negative reminder of having you aroundMy old car had known better daysBut now it needed a fixAn overhaul, cos just a tune-up wouldn't doIt seemed the more I put into itThe less I gotCouldn't stand it any more, I just wanted outBut oh, oh, oh, how to ease the painAm I never to see you againYou had become such a habitLike my old VW RabbitWith my new Chevrolet I guess I'll be okayI'll be okayMy old car was used when I bought itIt already had too many miles on itSo it never did run, from day one, like I wanted it toI tried to ignore warning signalsDidn't take the time to shop aroundI was caught in a spiral that was dragging me down[Composed by Angeli; (c)1991 Shenai Song Productions (ASCAP)]