Beauty Testo

Testo Beauty

time of decadence and time of despair, spaces between us and voids filling her, turning into piles of hatred and fear, she settled the score and now she is here, facing Him: ?take those pictures down, fill the walls behind with living colors, drown them in light. for i?m ready now, my heart?s broken now, my shoulders are weary, my mind?s numb!? hasting towards her -, straight love opens hearts, people called into life, fellowship in light; moving folks of night, is what He yearns to do. with those cold walls torn into pieces instead of painting them nice and warm; He just loves to see you can handle liberty and she understands love is really free: ?got my fever down, feet back on the ground, blind eyes open to see. this grace?s larger than our life can be, standing tall on my knees.? free ? let?s shout to the world, this liberty is life?s gift to the cold! free - we shout to the world: ?these bleeding hands are for you! ephesians 4:23