Devolution Testo

Testo Devolution

The power in our hands is like a blinding light in our eyes whenever mankind tries to lie, tries to invent worthy life What we created will just overshadow wht's alive Trouhg the broken one, broken and sacrificed, anchor and fountain of life Invetiable stream of a feeling Anyone who resists being born Godsend gifts to reign over creations but our tower will reach into the sky Take care not to drawn and break your shackles and swim 'cause we're all floating facedown And on the other hand we try try to find something that lasts A stone-cold fever casts this night Tainted dreams, the haze of fight Now tear down an destroy all the walls and towers that we build up Fame is our intention to keep us from being scattered So destroy all the walls in front of us and beware of everything that's just feeding their lies 'Cause our tower reaches into the sky right at the waterfalls we're floating all facedown