Drifter Testo

Testo Drifter

Well it's about that time again
Your feet are getting pushed by the wind
and i have fled the room in fear of
in fear of the way you love to move about

with time you'll realize

oh, this urge you can't control
return to face the road that's snappin' at your legs and nappin' on your steps.
oh, it's impossible to give up what you know
the reasons you might stay are fading with the day.

now the plants are coming back from weeks of rest
and that sun has got to beatin' on your chest
it's warm and blood is circling around your veins
so you're off to build yourself a better name.

walk fast, don't look back

so if you seek to learn, then lay right down and turn an ear to face the dirt
advice is not just words
and stand up straight, you'll see the stars and galaxies
they'll lead you right along to somewhere you belong

drifter, you're going home now
drifter, you're going home.