Siwah Testo

Testo Siwah

Desert traveler leave directions to the birds
and cross this sea of sand
a fountain lies ahead
it's the only evidence
of life among the desert of the dead

A sacrilegious bath in the waters of the past
naked in the presence of the guards
antique stones and sun bleached bones
rest beneath the constellation dome

Oracle, fortunes told
history, your secrets locked in gold

Canvas of the sun a burning portrait that you've won
your gardens will replace this waste of land
defacer, unscathed earth
and prove to all exactly what it's worth, oh

Oracle, fortunes told
history your secrets locked in gold

All the statues call out
gaze upon my works
marble faces fall out
decomposed to earth

Erase all of the empire whose walls once carried your name
create something to inspire the desert that swallowed your fame,
that swallowed your fame,

that swallowed your fame