Miracle Testo

Testo Miracle

The name Miracle has followed her around her whole life
Born to sterilized parents who vanished one night
Got a tattoo, says “Meanness" inside her lower lip
She pulls it down in the mirror so she can read it
Framed by her blonde wig in the bright white glow
Spit crawls down her wrist and she lets her lip go

She smokes out her window watching the sunset
Behind the figures of bending trees
While her collection of broken wind chimes
Play wild drones in minor keys

They see her in The Cheetah on the weekday nights
They see her and they dream of young versions of their wives
She saved up for some braces, all the ones and the fives
Her teeth are straightening out now and sore all the time
Hands reach out for her like she’ll cure disease
She bats her eyes and makes them say “Please”

“Meanness” she thinks
Round the pole
Heavy breathing
“Meanness" she thinks
Sore mouth
Blowing kisses
“Meanness” she sings
Skinny legs
“Meanness” she sings