Sing Me To The Street Testo

Testo Sing Me To The Street

I keep thinking
Shifting in my sleep
Sirens in the distance
Sing me to the street
And I go
See what’s in the air
Probably nothing
Train’s leaving
I catch it just in time
And the vomit riding with me
Crawls in a sickle-shaped design
Towards my feet
I take it as a sign

It’s saying
(You will go)
I know
(You will go away)
I’ll go away
But it’s nothing

The show’s empty
Except that guy I always see
He creeps up and asks me
If I’ve heard what’s happening
And I say
“I don’t care at all
Hopefully nothing”
He says, “You know Cole was murdered
Just about one year back
Well, Claire had their baby
And tonight she drowned it in the bath
Saying: ‘Death will find us all‘”

I say, “Fuck, man”
(You will go)
Just go
(You will go away)
Just go away
(You will go)
Leave me alone
(You will go away)
Just go away
Want to hear nothing

(Standing in the deli light)
I duck into the deli
(No one’s at the counter)
Just a sleeping cat
(Grab their little sleeping cat and run)
I grab the cat and run

And I tell it
(You will go)
You know
(You will go away)
You’ll go away
(You will go)
Can’t you see
(You will go away)
You’re the same as me
We’re nothing
I’ll call you Nothing
I’ll call you Nothing