Fear Your Mind Testo

Testo Fear Your Mind

Her name is Brenda Ann
Gonna make the children understand

Charley Manson's Blue and Red
Gonna shoot the president dead
Give in to the voices in your head

I would be your cult
I would be your trigger
Let me be your death lover

I could be your thoughts
I commit your murders
Let me be your mind fucker

November 7 '07
Pekka-Eric Auvinen
Forget your fantasies of heaven

Colorado movie heights
Dark night in his sights
This curtain fall will be your last

Fight the struggle to outrun
Waking up to all that's lost
Scared to close your eyes

What man am I
To wash these stains
Where monsters are replaced
And scattered pawns fall away?

Mind on mind
We search for signs
Fists of fears that teeth will grind
And worry our bones into the grave

Better mind your thoughts
And fear your mind
Better mind your thoughts
And fear your mind

*Brenda Ann/Patrick Purdy