Stuttering Duckling Testo

Testo Stuttering Duckling

Once upon a time we came from Denmark to Sweden to settle down
It felt bad in the beginning and it just got worse [so much worse]
They were making fun of me and my Danish pronunciation
so I started stuttering
I tripped over my tongue
and I dreamed about Denmark

[he dreamed about Denmark]
yeah I dreamed about Denmark
the beautiful streets of Copenhagen and
the home of H.C. Andersen

A loving and warm hearted theory, but with a terrifying practice
I caught the devil in disguise I could feel the indifference rise
I cursed my Swedish class mates I put a spell on my Swedish teacher
She blindfolded her eyes and ears too when they were mocking me
I dreamed about Denmark

[he dreamed about Denmark]...

We got a new strict teacher after the summer of '84
and all the bullies sat properly and quiet
when the teacher came through the door
suddenly I heard myself making this loud and annoying noise
and the teacher said "Are you retarded boy?"
I said "No, but maybe you are"
and I started dreaming about...

[he dreamed about Denmark]...
But I became the untouchable hero
and the mocking was history
I got a girlfriend named Jennie
and now the crowd were following me
I almost stopped stuttering
and the Danish dreams were gone
Everything went from black and white to colour
but I kept dreaming on... about Sweden

[he dreamed about Denmark]
No I dreamed about Sweden
the beautiful streets of Stockholm
and the home of Astrid Lindgren