Bear Me Dragon Testo

Testo Bear Me Dragon

Lord of dragons, hear my call slept a thousand years so deep, now we call to thee again to rasie xour brother from their sleep Once again we need your help 'cause there's a battle close at hand together we will ride my friend and drive them from these sacred land The dark queens dragons have arised, from childrens book, from old mans tale paladin is by my side so i know we'll never fail a lance of steel bears all our hope the legacy it holds within gloryous is our death the final chapter may begin [bridge] Fight my brothers paladin will be our guide we will die with honour and pride fight my brothers a thousand dragons side by side your breath shall burn a beacon in the night [refrain] Bear me dragon, wings of fire in the sky faster than the falcon take me high so high bear me dragon to the battle in the sky we fight for glory 'till we die [Repeat Bridge] [Repeat Refrain] Marching straight to hell there's no fear upon our mind we will ride 'till victory so the wicks foretold the signs Marching straight to hell roaring thunder close behind we will ride 'till victory gloryous and pride [Bridge] [Refrain] [Repeat Refrain]