Hang Him Higher Testo

Testo Hang Him Higher

A little city lies in the green, everything quiet and peacefully it seems. But there?s a man ? evil does he seem, he?s like a shadow ? darkened city hills. One day he came out of the night, into the streets ? blowing out the lights. This was no longer the town that you have known, smile and joy were many years ago. The sun has died ? no longer will it shine and darkness swallows all daylight. They disappear - to be never seen again, night after night ? he´s dancing with the pain. Refrain: Hey hey ? hang him higher He´s the devil in disguise Hey hey ? hang him higher Death is creeping to his eyes spoken: So it goes some years until the men - a few, in the forest deep they go hunt the cruel. They find the one - the beast all insane, They?re still frightened ? beware of that old man.