F.A.K.E. Testo

Testo F.A.K.E.

You're not just anybody...

Is the answer to your question
We're never gonna stop
We're never gonna do what you say
We've got everything we need

You can here me screaming
Envy is the knife that stabs the pain
and forever we will stay

Sweet Revenge
A word not said
As it unfolds
The paybacks fed

Screaming out
What our hearts will do
If we get shot down
Shot down in a fall
We really don't care at all

Just tell me tomorrow
You'll be missing
Shoot it right back
I'll shoot it right back with a smile
We got everything we need

Can you hear me screaming?
I'm the victim of the day
It's forever your mistake

You're such a fake
Biting the hand your eating from
Holding my fist I wont dare to swing
Empty and shallow speak in vain
A ghost of whats yet to come

We're not listening anymore

We'll scream until you hear us
Our voices will be heard