The Syosset Polka Testo

Testo The Syosset Polka

You hear like everything I say
Then turn and walk away
Do you feel what I feel

And your lips, they try to say
That everything's ok
Do you feel what I feel

Your holding on
I can't pretend to feel the way you do
Its fading

Broken and tied to your name
I'll never be the same
Broken inside myself
You've been here all this time
I'll never forget you

And the scent of you will haunt my memory

And the thought of you still haunts my memory

And then I scream your name and I know your listening

I'm taking back what I really need
(I thought you said you needed me)
You made your bed now go lie in it
(Let's fix this)
My silent vow, I promise you
(I made mistakes, I know I did)
To treat you now, the way you've been treating me