Bloody Mess Testo

Testo Bloody Mess

[Blaq Poet:]
Aight. What's good? Yeah, Hoo-haa! Blaq Poet, kid.
Mad scientist Alchemist. It's a year round thing, you heard?
Hit these niggas off.

[Blaq Poet:]
Yo, Poet's the wildest, the foulest, spitting malice
Since I was a child, I loved the challenge
I put in my hours, I build up my powers, I'm here to devour
All you cowards, the nine shell shower the block
Bitches on my cock now that I'm hot
Record companies wanting me to sign on the spot
You got give me my motherfucking shit off the top
Matter of fact, Year Round, that's how I rock
It's Gang Starr
First Family
The first time Bronx been down with QB

[Chorus: x2]
Yes, yes y'all, I be the best y'all
Your double vest can't even protect y'all
It's Blaq Poet, Queensbridge, bloody mess y'all
Them niggas suck, I came to bless y'all

[Blaq Poet:]
Ayo, Poet's unstoppable
Rhyme remarkable
Skip the hospital, you dead when I target you
Don't try to do what I do
'Cause that's hard to do
Don't try to fuck with my crew
They put scars on you
I'm Queensbridge for rilly, no doubt
War's what I'm about, so y'all just cut it out
I got niggas in BK
Killers in Queens
Bronx and Manhattan
They show guns with Staten
My team is like all mad and
Thirsty for the drama
Word to my mama, most wanted like Osama
Y'all niggas need to stop, 'Cause when them guns pop
Y'all be hiding like bitch, while the real niggas drop
You all pussy anyway, smacked up anyday
Got something to say? Let the nine milli spray
I'm not hard to find out in the hood, crack slinging
Ready for any type of shit niggas think of bringing

[Chorus x2]

[Blaq Poet:]
Ayo, I come through blazing amazing niggas
Got you hoping Superman start saving niggas
Strictly headshots, motherfuck gracing niggas
I need money like Puff, Suge, Jay and them niggas
Got a million man marching fingers on triggers
I'm trying to sell ten mill, I ain't playing with niggas
I told you I was coming, here I am
The gat's in my hand
Mic in the other
Crazy motherfucker from the hood
Attacking the shit
The mack of the shit
Go platinum and still click crack on the strip
Search and destroy
All motherfuckers that want it
You and your boys
Swiss cheese from head to stomach
'Cause I don't care
I'm a nut like that, I bust my gat
I walk it, I talk it, it's actual fact
Niggas acting like Poet ain't spark this shit
I'm Queensbridge architect, I build this bitch
Brick by brick, barehands in the trenches
Walk around, you see my name in all the benches
Ask all the niggas and bitches who bear witness
Who made the most crack money? Just ask the snitches

[Chorus x2]