Watch Your Back Testo

Testo Watch Your Back

[Verse 1:]
It goes late night pickin up, broke day, choppin up
Still tryin to make that dough, when it's hot as fuck
Niggas don't understand the pain'll blow you
The money mold you, slow down dunn, lemme show you,
Yo, u ever sold crack to your man mother
On the back of the block and she coppin for the undercovers
U ever tried to hide the pack from your little brother
Under the mattresses where the ratchets is
Now he's sellin crack and blastin kids
U ever called your sister a bitch, based out on the strip
Suckin dick to get a hit, jus a little chip
Did your eyes ever cry black tears
Cause niggas hate u, that u knew for years
Did your right-hand man ever shit on u
Did your moms house get raided and she did a bid for u
U ever got shot up and put in critical, yo,
U ever owed a coke man a hundred grams or two
Do u kno the outcome or wut your dealin with
Serious repercussions, consequences,
Judge slams a hammer, a life sentence
I'm a real nigga so this I must mention
Watch your back

[Verse 2:]
Early in the mornin, time to make the donuts
I see my fellows niggas, everybody wanna blow up
Go get the 40 and the dutches, set it off
Cause that's how we left off last night, of course
It's a new day but the same ol' shit, werd
The D's is out and they lookin to be served,
The pain is hard to adjust to, nobody trust you
So fuck it, get on your hustle
Police wanna bust you, niggas wanna buck you
People that use to love you, now they sayin fuck you
Lord what have I done to deserve all this pain
Pumpin nights in rain gettin off them thangs
Taking all money, food stamps, pinky rings
And wedding bands, goin strong hand to hand
I look in the mirror and ask the man, he understands
Watch your back

[Verse 3:]
Yo, watch your back, your next move might be your last
Muthafuckers is rotten, they plottin on that ass
You fucked up, showed that bitch all your cash
U should'ntof did that, might push your wig back
Kids get kidnapped, holes in your six pack
Recognize what I'm sayin dunn,
Half the hood is dead and the other half laying up,
Heads up, eyes and ears open,
Coke from head quarters, rest in peice, I'm zoning
Shit is real on the front line
Dodgin bullets, stiffing, the boss shitted, plus one time
They wanna kill a nigga over a lil bread
Fall back, call a scally get a lil head
Cause if not, they up on that roof top,
Plain clothes, nigga don't get knocked
Remember the ten commandments, big pop
Ain't gettin bagged, stay the fuck from police
Watch your back