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Testo Backstabbers

We ain't done witch'all yet man
Real life music right here
"Who The Fuck Is B.o.B?" the mixtape
Remember this! Money is the motherfuckin motivation
Stay focused
Watch for the back stabbers!

Well I gotta look over my shoulder
because they tryin to get closer
Because they see that I'm focused
they think I'm holdin a fo' leaf clover
But this is not luck, oh no sir
This is not hocus pocus
Go with the flow like a boat in the ocean
I keep sayin this over and over
I don't be mad cause I already exposed 'em
but they still think that I don't notice
Well they must think that I'm slow
Can't y'all see that my eyes wide open?
Well this the part where I choke 'em
They cain't say nuttin else, game over
So if you don't know they motive
I'm gonna show ya what they do

They smile in your face (all the time they wanna take yo' place)
Them back stabbers - back stabbers!
Smile in your face (all the time they wanna take yo' place)
Them back stabbers - back stabbers!

Okay - okay, let me talk about dem
They try to hate when they wallet get slim
So they contemplate on how to stop him
They try to shoot 3's but they just hit rim
Dem, dem, I'm talkin 'bout dem!
Man if you cain't see 'em, well I do
Same folk movin hate since high school
So I had to come through with my crew
and swallow dicks 'til your girl gets loose
A-ha, a-ha! I'm laughin at you
to let y'all know how funny y'all act
You think what you say really won't get back
to me? I'm B.o.B
My ear to the street, I do this for the East-
-side of the A-T-L; man I'ma have to tell y'all what they do

Okay, attention!
I'ma say this one mo' gen
I am in a whole new dimension
so hatin on me is a sin
I have ascended past comprehension
so every sentence that I've ever written..
You know what? Y'all don't even listen!
I ain't even livin, Bob been gone man, y'all already missed him
So I just sit back
while all these haters try to stab my back
And they ask me what I think about dat
I guess I have to wait 'til my diamond plaque
But until then I'ma just do me
Cause I know everything I do they see
And if you don't know then you must be slick
Again I'm a peep it, peep it, peep it