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Testo Batman Flow

[feat. Donnis]

[Verse 1: B.o.B]
Soon as I enter
You know who it is-a
It's the representer from the East side of Atlanta
That's known as Decatur
I got my own lane but I can't see the road
My rear view mirror's full of haters
Wouldn't wanna be ya
It's me they cannot battle
Yes I'm a mothership and you a boat without no paddle
Yes I am what they after
I'm a natural born disaster
I'm the reason your momma tell you not hang with rappers
But your momma is a minister and I'm her favorite rapper
Probably cause she found out that my daddy was a pastor
I wonder what she's after
But don't get it confused
There's no surprise, it's just another day in my shoes

Every other city we go
Every other city we go
It's just a different day with the same shit
It's just a different day with the same shit
Every other city we go
Every other city we go
Things just ain't what I used to know
Things just ain't what I used to know

[Verse 2: B.o.B]
Yeah, well these niggas salty
High blood pressure
If you got that sodium, nigga I got that pepper
Don't step up, please fall back
Y'all can't ball, all y'all are wack
Haters need hugs, you thugs need love
And groupies fall in holes that gold diggers dug
These niggas cynical cause I'm on there medicinal
Why they so sensitive, I guess they on their menstruals
I don't need no, come consider the general
Regardless of my genre yes, I'm flawless in general
When I'm in the club
Girls be jigging on they tippy toes
So she take me in like her vitamins and minerals
You ain't on my signal, you analogue or digital
Grand hustle champion, someone turn my anthem on
When my jam come on, God damn I blow straight up
I am a bomb
Leaping over barriers like this was a triathalon


[Verse 3:]
Now I'm the everyday topic
I'm under the microscope so I'm feeling microscopic
My shit was fading to black
Niggas thought I was gothic but made it to the next step
Like recovering alcoholics
I bounce back like a snoop deville of hydraulics
Ain't nothing but a g-thang
Nigga I'm the king of pain
Veins filled with novacane
So I ain't even feeling y'all
I ain't even hearing y'all
Fingernails on a blackboard
They say the pen is way mightier than the sword
So I'm a spaz out to get inside the mental ward
Get me grammy awards
Til your faith is restored by the lord of this rap shit
Niggas got it backwards, let's line up all the factors
Grew up in the hood but was raised in the burbs
Where pops was'nt there so the military made me a man
And they told me, put my dreams in the can
But I still made it here, damn