Damn Testo

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Testo Damn

I'm feelin' it, I'm feelin' it
I'm killin' shit

Champagne splash
Rosé in my glass
Fancy with an ass
Pinky up, I got class
Blowin' money fast
Weed green as grass
Your babysittin' ass
Need to puff, puff, pass
Picture me rollin'
And got your nigga on swollen
Every night, nigga we goin'
Smokin' on potent, nigga we pourin'
Nigga you know it, nigga you know it
Nigga you know it
Facial expressions gon' show it
Cause you're a ho and you know it


Your bitch be hatin', call me the gold, I'm the greatest
And I'm the shit, no debatin'
I am amazing, can't believe what God created
Smokin' on out and I'm faded
Beautiful and I'm creative
I know you waitin'
Nigga I'm blazin', nigga I made it
Up in the Tesla
Pull me a bitch, her name's Vanessa
You can call me a finesser
She told me her sign a Cancer
She shake it at Follie's, a dancer
Is she Rudolph or Vixen or Prancer?
Sway you do not have the answers! No!
Sway you do not have the answers! No


Hi mamacita, nice to meet you
Wouldn't wanna be you, your bitch look like a creature
Won't talk to you if it's money or a feature
I be on that fuckin' set like, "Hi, nice to meet you"
Signin' autographs for 'bout 10K
Niggas know my name, yeah, niggas know my name, Lin-Zay
Or... Lin-Z
Be, be, be yourself, nigga don't be me
Cause I all do is fly, and niggas can't see me
Cause I'm Lin-Z and I'm in that Jeep
Jeep, beep, beep, beep, beep
Move out my fuckin' lane cause
I'm all over the place like SKRRR
And I can't stop, I can't chill
In the throwback like [?]
Niggas know I'm always trill
And you know I'm trained to kill
Niggas with me
Always on that G shit