Yea Mama Testo

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Testo Yea Mama

[Jake Lambo:]
Yeah mama, your boy made it
I know you told me them pussy niggas would hate it
Ice skatin' in the old school Mercedes
I hit her once not she want to have my babies
And you know what's on your mind I can show you how to grind
It happened overtime, over-over-time
And you know what's on my mind, I can show you how to grind (Moolah)
I got moolah on my mind, moolah on my mind (Bobby!)

Well if it's two things, living life has taught me
One niggas ain't shit, two bitches ain't shit
And they say I'm a pothead, I guess I got potholes
Now it's off to where we go, oh hi Ohio!
[Jake Lambo:]
It's all temporary right
That's what I'm telling myself
I had the city on smash I was smelling myself
Blunt is stinkin', still love brain no pinky (Woah)
I'm close to getting that glacier on my pinky, oh
Pinky minute miney-mo'
Pulling head that's Heidi ho
I refuse to hide a ho, huh
Slide through sliding doors, huh
She yours I ain't know, woah
No Genre repo, huh
Trying not to be poor, dressed in
All white in [?]
Yo, and this is the Genesis
So roll up the exodus
Living like Leviticus
Numbers boost the economy, yeah
And I give your bitch a lobotomy


[Jake Lambo:]
They fuckin' with us everywhere, no love in these streets
We never celebrate February, we never see Cupid that thing we stupid
My nigga Maine just hit the slammer I'm prayin'
A whole month before he hit the stand goddamn
Ain't no heart in the concrete jungle though
Heartbreak been through a million of those
My ice cold, my heart cold
(Now my ice) she my side whore
Now my wife, that my fist ball
Roll the dice, [?] JaqueBeatz lay the pipe
They say damn Jaque life is nice and I say mhm yep, yep
From this step to the next step
From this jet to the next jet
I'll get the check before I take it off call it pre-check
She got deep thoughts and a deep neck
She bust it open like C-sect
I'm from the south she get sea sick
Call me Big Boi, stay with 3 Stacks, bang
[Jake Lambo:]
It's Goodie Mob but younger, I mean it's really strict in the numbers
They were sleeping on me shook em out the slumber, bitch get up
Stackin' pancakes trying to get my Benz quick up
Good head till she hiccup (hiccup)