Earthquake Testo

Testo Earthquake

Born into competition
With a feeling that something's missing
Bred in a corn addiction
With a synthetic composition
On the brink of a civil war
Or the forming of one religion?
I wonder what came first
Dinosaurs or Darwinism?
Pledging allegiance to a flag
Since elementary
Writing curses in cursive and casting spells
Stung by the spelling bee
And they says congratulations
You graduated
From slavery
To paid slavery
You actually made it!
Here! Take this gown and cap and wave it
Like a celebration of going to school just to get a job to pay for it
Like a nation that traded it's minerals in exchange for paper payment
Here, these are your gods, you have to praise 'em
I wonder who we'd worship if we weren't captured and traded
Consider this my affidavit
Yo, It's the ruling class
Here to rule yo ass
Prescription drug thug cocaine mule yo ass
Agricultural skills sure would suit yo ass
But they say, living off the land is a useless path
Here, work for dead Presidents, HA! fooled yo ass
Any revolutionaries, they remove yo ass
Fast, click clack, quick blast, in a flash
Whiplash from the kickback of the impact
Push yo shit back
As long as my head is intact
I'll be as political as I want
Because I get taxed
Nah, this ain't no fuckin diss track, to distract
Or useless chit chat, or syntax, or
Who's ass is this fat and who has a six pack
Who's batting this average, or
Compare his passes to his passes
There's a thousand sports channels
You can get this package, or this package
Who's this savage?
Hey, let's compare your emotional baggage to my emotional baggage
And see who calls each other bitch fastest
Haters go out they way to fuck up my day
But I ain't even worried about your bitch asses
And it's quite the optic, hard to take your eyes off it
They make the sky toxic
Prescribe the antibiotic
Make a high profit, divide the margin
You could die off it
If you do, they hide the autopsy
What the fuck are you supposed to do?
Morgellons in your kosher food
What the fuck is even kosher food?
Third generation crops won't produce
Be careful who you keep close to you
I'm from Atlanta, but shots out to my Oakland crew
They say, "Bobby Ray, the older you is overdue"
I say hey, sorry I got a little caught up exposing truths
I used to think, what would Hova do?
Now I think, what the fuck would Macho Man and Hulk Hogan do?
Now, if Steve Austin was America, and the Rock was Afghanistan
Then Russia and China would be Triple HHH
And the Illuminati would be Vince Macmahon
Now when the haters are The Undertaker
The crowd doesn't stand a chance
When the international bankers are walking through the stands
Slide yo ass some Xan
You think you a fan but you really just a lamb
Niggas start trends every day but don't never get no pair of Vans
What the fuck is an advance?
Niggas live on colored people time
What the fuck is in advance?
Tsh, I don't fucking understand
I just want my fucking bandz
I'm a walking talking human conundrum
Like a Muslim going HAM
Looking for the promised land
False stories of Christopher Columbus
Holding Pocahontas' hand
Black History is the shortest month
I just hope you understand, when the
Native Indians don't get shit but
Thanksgiving and some yams, like
Here, here's a few casinos, huhh, sorry we took all your land, huhh
Well, let's just move on, because, America's great!
Man I fucking love it
Democratic or Republic
Lightning rod, change the subject
All of these religions, I'm glad I found one
All of these beliefs and mine's the right one
Trying to process all this info you hide from
Till you wake the fuck up out on the advice son
Culture and religion condition your mind hon'
Whatever's prohibited, imma defy them
The smell of freedom is making my eyes run
To authority, i'm the antithesis
I'm not a pacifist, or a philantropisist
I don't got all the answersises
I just got a louder mic, and better stanzasas, bitch
Oh i'm sorry, did I offend you?
What the fuck you think goes on in schools you send your kids to?
What the fuck you think they serve for lunch, what's on the menu?
That's why only ratchet shit is what these kids is into
A language comprehendable
Friends do what they friends do
People act so fucking hard but really they just gentle
Psychological children
Grownups with issues
Grownups with children
Who grow up with issues
Cancer tissues
Abandonment, misuse
Subliminal marketing screaming, "Here, let me fix you
I have the cure
I have the remedy
I am the savior
I am not the enemy
But give me your money, give me your money, give me your money!"
Everybody's in debt
But this is a free country!
They dock your pay, what a mockery
Why you on the clock
Hickory, dickory, dockery
They want cable, they want coffee, they want comedy
Anything to take they mind off being property
Trying to say it properly
Working on my tact
But I am the anomaly
They know i'm the shit like a elio-colonoscopy
They know i'm the shit by just looking at my discography
They know i've been sent to awake this idiocracy
Mass media, hipocrisy
Turn you into a worker bee
Harvest the honey tree
I'm just being honest, b
Mother Earth quakes underneath
Father Sky, up above the sea
God the father, the sky
Son of God, the Sun
Amun Ra, the Eye
No more Amen
No more folding hands goodbye
Adios, au revoir, bandz