Fkn Science Bro Testo

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Testo Fkn Science Bro

Stop running in the halls! Stop! Slow down, sir! Slow down, sir! Stop running in the halls, sir! Anthony get to class! You're never going to become a college student at that rate!

Fuckin' science
Fu-fuckin' science, bro
Labcoat, check, goggles, check
Nodules, check
Fu-fu-fu-fu-fuckin' science, bro

Hi-yah lads! Welcome to science class
Bob quit writin' raps in your log sheet, nobody's gon' sign your ass
Okay let's get scientific
Fossil fuels come from years and years of bio-decomposition
It's really just scientific
Why didn't all the fossils turn to oil?
Some did, some didn't
Didn't Rockerfeller pay the scientists off the year of the Geneva Convention?
Wait? What was that?
You wanna come up here in front of class?
What? You wanna teach?
You really think you're smarter than me?
No sir, sit down
Here's your homework on the atom bomb and the World War
How it affected us then and now
Well uh... I seen the footage and uh, I really just want some answers
How does someone film an atomic bomb and it doesn't destroy the camera?
I mean...
I was just...
Bro, I'm just sayin'... I don't know

Fu-fuckin' science, bro
Labcoat, check, goggles, check
Nodules, check
Fu-fu-fu-fu-fuckin' science, bro

Welcome to history, we evolved from neanderthalsThat is no mystery!
Well why are there no monkey fossils anywhere?
What, are you kidding me!?
I'm just sayin'... I just
Shoulda learned that way back in elementary
Man this nigga don't know what the fuck he talkin' about
I have a diploma, do you have a diploma?
Or a learning disorder?
My wife is a lawyer, we both have a daughter
She's doin' fine with the things that we taught her
Yeah I'm just usin' the scientific method
Did we evolve from electronical boy or homo erectus?
And all of the fossilized footprints in the fossil records
Don't show a line of thrust, that's not consistent with compression
What the fuck did he just say??
Yeah, okay smartass
This is real knowledge, save all that hippie shit for art class
It's really startin' to bug me on this one
Gonna have to trust me on this one
I have done the studies on this one
You're a little rusty on this one
I mean why can't you just answer my question on the subject?
It's not in the fuckin' book
It's not up for discussion

Science, I fuckin' love science!
I fuckin' love science!
I love science
Labcoat, check, goggles, check
Nodules, check
Fu-fu-fu-fu-fuckin' science, bro

Damn, must have been a hell of them stegosauruses
Over a century burnin' fossil fuels, still ain't no shortages
I ain't sayin' I'm Neo, but I'm nothin' short of a morpheus
Fuck, thought this was a globe, I gotta check my coordinates
You can blame my disorderly conduct on my subordinance
If it ain't no Coriolis who's to blame for New Orleans?
Why the poorest people always get extorted by corporate giants
We don't boycott, we buy in and I find it unfortunate, yeah
Me plus you plus her plus her, that's four (Math!)
Bring your worst and I'm gon' bring much more
Leave your nerves, your skirt, both at the door
In case you didn't know

Fuckin' science bro!
Well Earth shine is much brighter than moonshine
Fu-fuckin' science, bro
Labcoat, check (moonshine)
Goggles, check (moonshine)
Nodules, check (moonshine)
Fuckin' (moonshine)

How many fingers am I holdin' up?
Come and compete him if you're bold enough
No Bobby Ray don't give an ounce of fuck
Your team is weak, you beat your bouncer up

Student lives are what you are! God I hate my life. Hey you! You! Stop making out! I know your mother, Susan! I'm gonna tell Susan about this! Debrah! Is that coke???

I'm Neil deGrasse Tyson, bitch!