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Testo Frankie Limon

I-I-I-I got a six shooter for the top five vets
And then one bullet left to play Russian roulette
I'm Nostradamus, I've seen your future, it's too late
All y'all niggas suspect I guess crime pays, what can I say?
(What can I say?)

So fuck you and your mob guys
This the part of the film where your mob dies, I got 'em!

N-N-Nigga flip and spit hot coals
I showed you niggas how to go diamond like I was minin' hope
My mind's a playground where my mood swings
But I ain't here to play though, I'm more like Plato
Y'all niggas Play-Doh
Y-Y-Yeah, I'm the man of the hour
Songs made 30 mils like I'm manufacturing flour
You niggas ain't that hard to find
Should be a fine to get in line like, "damn, one at a time"
L-l-l-l-l-like how you niggas make it this far
I never babysit my liquor but I raise the bar
I left the 'gram to cut an album, niggas thought I was dead
And I ain't talking diet when I say you niggas fed
I get to, get to, get to, get to, get to slidin' on 'em
And then I get to, get to, get to Frankie Limon on 'em
Veganism, feminism, government hypnotism
I'm just speaking facts bro, this ain't even lyricism
I drop a gem but niggas carry the mask
Gas tank on empty but the car full of gas
W-W-Why do fools gotta try me though (Gotta try me though)
Like I ain't got a .308 rifle scope (Rifle scope)
Nigga you ain't saying shit, I'm about to blow (Boutta blow)
Tell a rap nigga park it like a automobile
I ain't got no more chill

Fuck you and your mob guys
This the part of the flick where the mob dies
And all of the Gods rise

Gorilla, Godzilla, God nigga, vibe nigga
I don't need no props nigga
I just raise my stocks nigga
Don't say I'm pro-black, fuck niggas
I trust everything but niggas, what nigga?
And if you knew what I knew
The government would back up off of you too, boo

You had the ball but you fumbled though (But you fumbled though)
Your bills piling up, you must live in Buffalo (You must live in Buffalo)
I don't want no respect from you
Sent your girl home in a Uber XL to be respectable
Niggas gon' start to question you
How you grown gettin' bullied?
I guess your mind did not quite develop fully (Uh yeah)
I'm going bat shit, niggas scared to wipe their asses
Yeah I'm from a different bracket
Rappin' on a track where 2Pac did a verse for Michael Jackson
Got the flash drive in my jacket
Why the fools try B.o.B
Before you try me, try crack, shit
Tell a nigga park it like Jurassic
Country ass accent, you gotta admit, above average
I just bagged your bitch, with an iPhone 6
I showed you magic, when y'all was getting no bread
On that Atkins

Hi-Hi-Hi-High hopes for hell
They say in war you must oppress the male
Niggas said they woke and I'm skeptical
Same mentality, you just replace Jesus with vegetables