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Testo Southmatic

Niggas be nice to me just 'cause I drive a Benz
I could be your enemy, I could not be your friend
I could be the Unabomber, durag and some Timbs
An alien that blends in, bitch I’m crazy in skin uh
Is eatin' and shittin' and thrivin’ on Earth
The greatest shit in the universe
Even roaches give birth huh
Life ain't what they make it out to be
If heaven is Poppa Doughs then Earth is Applebees
And I just came for the appetizer dog
It's a shame that I can't abide the law
You would think that I'm suicidal, nah
Fuck suicide, transform inside
Bitch I wanna die
I'm a horny guy with a horny dick
Call it poltergeist, don't ignore the signs
'Cause if she wanted a family
She wouldn’t be popping E and plan B
And I ain’t got no kids but she calling me papi
Five-oh spilling coffee over my clock speed
Pineapples party looking like Great Gatsby
Niggas wanna at me but can't get at me
Kundalini rising, the snakes is rattling
I keep snakes around to eat the rats huh
I tried to be vegan but I eats the cat
I ain’t dyking but the backpack keeps the strap
You conditioned like that, I'm a nigga like that huh
You call the cops, you dependent like that
Wait, did I pick the right track?
Wait a minute, let me get it right back
Prayin' for a freedom that you already had
That sound like a recipe for starvin' the blacks
You think that he a friend ’cause he give you opportunity
He really just a poverty pimp in your community
That's not ambiguity
I'm killin' niggas all of my verses are eulogies
Physical body's just a shell
Take off the S and what does that spell?
What does that spell? What is that smell?
Glasses tortoise shell
You a waitress, tell you hold the L

Over to you B.o.B
Man I tell ya, it's a great night here in Atlanta
For all the people that just got here
Welcome to Atlanta
Hoes be hoin'
Schemers be schemin'
Trappers be trappin'
Thots be thottin'
Niggas be niggin'
And it's like that

I'm armed and present, I'm beyond eclectic, this is Armageddon
Get your army and your armor ready, get your bomber ready
I'm a monsta and you headed in the swamp direction
Trespass find yourself pointed in the pump direction
I would apologize and issue out a statement
But controversy is way too entertainin'
The let down of the American dream
I guess life is not a swell as it seemed
All this false hope passed down from generation to generation
You thought lil' man man would be amazin'
And get an education
But he still live in the basement, sellin' eighths to the neighbors
The last slice of weddin' cake in the fridge
He got a couple of side kids, fuckin' hoes in your crib
Niggas bug me, get the D
But books are nigga repellent, I tell them read

That all we have for tonight
We gonna get out of here
And pay these light bills ah, pay these rents ha
Yeah Georgia power don't take EBTs
So we can do this shit for free on TV ha
And remember, don't drink and drive
Just smoke and fly
Where's that fucking bar at