PvP Testo

Testo PvP


Pimping in the parking lot
That bitch that bitch talk a lot
Dope up on the countertop
Cuz bitch you know I’m down to spark
Bones have been around it all
Drugs I see all that's all
Mud up on my feet now imma creep bitch whether it’s dark or not
Pop and drop
Make these pussies pop and lock
Once they see the team they turn to [?] no talking now
Targets watch me buck 'em down
Listen for that highland sound
That’s how you know their guard is down
Whenever the pack is back in town

No backing down, fuck that
Got that shhh, hush that
Sending shots we dumping back
Something like like running laps
Fuck rap
This is just some shit I do part time
But I’m staying full time
Legend who
Smoking on my chemical
Swerving in that yellow coupe
Bones coming through
I’mma do, just like [?]
Turn you to a vegetable
Sleepy hollow sever you
Scythe be the tool
I am Jesus plus the devil, uh