UnsolvedResolve Testo

Testo UnsolvedResolve

Baby the time is imminent
Pick up a pack and I'm rippin' it
Dope out the bag, I’m filling it
Grippin' that razor, I’m flippin' it
Filling my cup now I’m sippin' it
Some days are hard, we livin' it
Nightmares are real when you live in it
Death is the last thing I’m givin' in
Burning all my past, facing all the facts
Where in the fuck did I go wrong?
Thinking about your face, sparking all day
Please tell me when did it go astray
Guess I’ll never know
I don’t buy in to the rules, I don’t
Guess we’ll never know
Gotta live ready through the night, I'm gone
Unsolved, resolve
Don't come any closer
I'm no good

I reside on the side, life and death combined
Shit going right though I gotta comply
Everything straight, even money is high
Never really thought that I’d be alright
No one here would help me, Imma stay back
I’m myself from my head to the track
Lost a couple people and I ain't tryna get 'em back
We all change one day know that
Hi, Michelle
I saw you on tinder
Umm um just, fuckin, i have such a hard on right now....
I can't stop lookin at your legs
I just, I have a feeling that you probably have the fattest, meatiest, (?), wettest