Sleeping In The Studio Testo

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Testo Sleeping In The Studio

Young inspiring
Yo Knucks this is nice fam
Look, look

I be sleeping in the studio, see me in the booth late
'bout to hit the corner shop, re-up on some toothpaste
Where the fucks my toothbrush? Where the fucks my almond milk?
Tell me that I lost the way, feeling like i found myself
Made an E.P in four hours, mixed it down as well
All these niggas making excuses, the game is ruthless
Shit I used to stay with the shooters and play computers
Call of Duty or FIFA with a queue of the reefa
Aretha Franklin to the game, put respect on my name
They envy like Charlamagne, shit was never the same
See, my flow is so mature, focused on the tour
Need a wife and kids but I open and close the door, she so confused
I know her views I know her flaws but I don't know her well enough to put career mode on pause
Childish but I'm stylish, they love and hate at the same time
And I'm proud of this counter rap with this counterfeit
Niggas ain't touching me, the flow is crazy, these lyrics are fucking bee
They be spitting like Honey G
No flows, no concepts, no hope, no content
They say the same thing, ask J, my flows complex
Lennox Lewis we getting to it so records like Blacker Dread I don't know why the fed pursuing
Legends like Fela Kuti, this movie is special viewing
Play Man on the Moon, just hoping Cudi gets better soonish, I need that nigga

I've been sleeping in the studio, I don't really do rave
Yeah I'm up and coming but I run it like I'm Usain
Brush the green dust up off my duvet
Smooth yout I'll leave them niggas screwing like I finished all the Kool-Aid
They all looking at me like yo you changed, who says?
Like I sold my soul to get a few plays
Out here for a few days, I ain't really round them because they two faced
I take care cause they too fake like a toupe
Hold up
Let me get something to roll up
Had to grab the chip up off my shoulder
Understand mandem think their nang, but they be outchea moving vulgar
You're shit mate, I'll use your mixtape as a coaster
It's Kosher, out here doing what I'm suppose ta
Do it for the music and the culture
Nicole asked why I never come around to chill no more, I told her don't start
I just pay them visits then I tick them off the rota

No sleeping in the studio, I'm living out my movie role
My model ting does runway, she still got a booty though
The way I piece my words so subtle, you're looking puzzled
I punched the riddim so hard, I swear I bruk my knuckle
I think I should start stressing less, need to give my head a rest
I'm giving niggas credit checks the way I come to debt collect
Leave us alone ah, 0% interest
New faces round me I should focus on who I'm with less
Writing a new E.P while I'm facetiming with my princess
I could walk a thousands miles in six steps
All these family ties I'm surprised I ain't got six shots up in my wig yet
Re-up on that church to get my sins blessed, amen
Come thru' smell like amen
If it Bonkz or Knucks I don't rate them

...And I don't blame him
Rappers either pants or they paigons
Feel like they rapping for the bants or the ratings
I made it happen, it got patterned
I'm old school like mosh patterns and moshpits with Snoop Dogg rapping
I'm Dot Branning, probably throwing shade if I'm not spazzin'
They probably kill me in the same whip they shot Pac in
I don't need Suge Knight with me, I'm good in my city
Surprise these youts ain't got ass, pussy and tittys
I swear they funny look like Yung Filly and White Yardie
Next summer tie bandaners and ride Harleys
We just unpredictable, sametime unfuckwittable

...Same time I be at the grape vine just to pick the fruit
Ain't a lot of guys that I listen to
They know I'm in the house but they all want to take me out like I'm their wisdom tooth
Where you been at man? I've been the truth
They weren't with me working on the low but wanna show up to the interviews
They don't understand Knucks but now I gotthem looking for the key like they in the handcuffs
I've got them in my hands cuz

I don't wanna hear top five debates
We all know where we stand and I ain't got time to waste
And I'm not tryna to play
I'ma kill it this year, I need six figures this year
I see these spitters are scared
You're way down in the leaderboards in the double digits
I said forgive when I'm famous now I'm famous and unforgiving
The flow is unorthodox
Funny how they answer every time I call the shots
I supply like the corner shop
Shit, see I was living in hell
I hit the corner set up shop like I'm Mr. Patel

...Put shit on my scales to sell, I was lickin' them sells
Dark Knights like it was Christian Bale
Distanced myself, I'm finding my faith cause I've been [?] about rage
But I'm ready to takeoff like my flight been delayed
But righting my ways because they ain't no right in my ways
They try stab you in your back and then they smile in your face
Breakfast at Tiffany's we spend a day with your girl
Fuck your couch bitch I'm David Chapelle
Who's the champ blud? We taking your belts
The beat stays in it's cell
We ain't got no competition we just aim for ourself
My mind on overtime, I'm thinking about the time I was overthinking
I look around and these are all the niggas I raise my drinks with
One time raise a toast to all the killers in the building
Come from blocks, just the foundations that were built with
Fuck fame