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Testo Trinna Carter Freestyle

Only nigga with deal that's still independent
That means I do what I want, I don't feel like forgetting
The fact that I'm the realist out
The fact I just made my own label, I could probably give a stack to all my niggas now
Handling my business, tryna get mansion for my sisters
I'ma grind until I'm Branson with the riches, I'm handsome I get bitches
Love 'em and then I leave 'em, leave 'em and then I love 'em
Never want 'em when I need 'em
Been checking my surroundings, I just got check and that ain't bouncing
Might just go and spend a couple thousands
Might chip up with Jevon on couple houses
Music money nice but I'm tryna stack up my bread to the mountains
Getting money I need forever money
I need never ever ever forget it money
If my brother ever need a hand then he get from me
What yours is mine, I share it like Sonny
And its different type of feeling, when the odd one out is getting even
And they tryna draw you out but you can see them
Heart to still freezing, and my aunts still the reason that I'm breathing
Only see red when I'm bleeding
Tried to paint me as a demon
Had to save my goals like I'm Seamann
'Bout to make the most of my freedom
Fuck em I don't need em
Talking about a king thats treason
I'm pretty like Trinna Carter, my supremin' season
It's Mr crazy flow slash Mr making dough
SOS no Mikey and Mo, I had to save my soul
I just done five in row somebody take my home
I hit six then I'm Brian Lara just watch the way I bowl
I stayed up, I'm flying Zara I need a change of clothes
Shower in the gym and then I'm set like a paving stone
Brush my teeth in the studio, then I spray cologne
Ready for the day ahead, I'm way up and way ahead
I'm flying in booth, If I'm sleeping with my babes that means I'm lying with the truth
Contradictory she's missing me, It's fire when I shoot
Let me do me, all chicks admiring the yout, "I'm like who me?"
Used have a chip on both of my shoulders
Sims inside the Motorola phone, in the motor of rollers
All my Gs fresh now, used to crow from the olders
Remember when crept out the house I was rolling with Konan
Listening to Giggs
When he made gorillas in the mist, I was riding with some drillers in the six
Seven is my zone, I was never ever in my home
I was rolling through the ghetto with my bros
Devil in my dome, coulda marked if I backed the 32
Used to roll with the beretta in my coat
Little amaretto with the coke, cut the the brown with the blade
All my niggas used sell a little dope
Used to hide nines in the block
If you you payed the fee guns are less likely to pop
I was tryna rise to the top from day dot
I was rotten, I was really tryna write niggas off