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Testo City

The sky is grey
The moon is faded
I let my whole body take over this car of mine
Lights blinding
The stores are just closing it's time to go home and
Try our best to
Hold it in
Our problems, they don't seem to understand
Oh we'll cry and smile, then lie then drive again
Buildings delapidate like our ages and wine
Beggars and robbery
Scammers in city streets
Lovers in hotels
The extroverts clubbing
The cars taking risks
Overtake for adrenaline
Killings on daily oh
Take me home i hate the crowd

The city growls
With doubt in mind, round and round i go, in this little bubble of mine
I'm longing for connection
Dreams of strangers spending time with me
The rain falls down again, guilt and pleasure tucking me in
I feel my fuse hissing, i feel this bunker caving in
I need to step out, but i don't wanna do it without you
This big house is too warm, while out there my fingers can turn blue
I'll rest when it's time, i'll wake when it's night. lay down for a while
What am i? a sleepy insomniac
These figures of protection, i'm the child of the childless
Maybe far away i can find the path to be righteous
People can be cruel, we're beings with mistakes
What is being kind? when there's too much to hate
These songs are to say, pressures for my brain
So i write songs for myself, so i can ride the pain