Far Away, Far Away Testo

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Testo Far Away, Far Away

It's so loud in this city
I have earplugs to share
Sharp smell of gasoline
Warm tone of the air

Don't need a damn pity
Strangers don't need care
But I won't say a no to sustenance

Have too much on my luggage
They don't even care
They say that i'm too dumb to brush my hair
I don't wanna have it
Good thing i'm in this plane
Take me to some place where i'm okay

Far away, far away, i'm looking for a home
World, I have no choice, keep me on your shoulders
Cuz i'm far away, far away, i'm looking for a home
Will I have a chance? I hope so

I'm closing the door now
Two locks on my door
Cuz some people on this town are just too faux

Trust no one besidе you
I have a .44
Don't ever comе inside unless i'm whole

I'm ready for the show now
Keep the lights on yours
Tell no one else about me I am gone