Dust Testo

Testo Dust


I know I make them mad, hop in the Jeep, just to drop these bags off
You know it came wit' a fee, had to tax all these grams off
Don't no one compare to me, I swear, we can have a stand-off
Got a coupe that came wit' a B, so you know it ain't the same, dawg
Uh, we gon' box 'em like that Chevy
Don't want a coat, boy, this too heavy
Please don't talk 'cause shit get deadly
We strapped up, ready for armageddon
Uh, got these hoes just like Jersey Shore
She's hot and ready, yeah, at the front door
And I can't even worry 'bout that lil' nigga, he's a dork
I remember I had to get this shit up up off the floor
I remember I used to throw my report card away, had too many F's
I told you niggas I ain't get that shit 'cause y'all ain't pay that check
But I said fuck school, nigga, yeah, I'd rather get me a check
I had like four hunned pressed pills, I couldn't even move them shits
But now I got them pints in, I ain't even had to move that shit
This Kel-Tec slow up and this Kel-Tec for a drill
You better slow up
You lil' niggas getting slow bucks
When we get to them racks you won't know us
Lil' nigga, hold up
Niggas think they so cut
These niggas must ride the short bus
Your mom still pack your fuckin' lunch
Gotta fuck that bitch and make her take me out to brunch
These niggas really [?] so they ain't never ever get to punch
Smoke 'em, ash 'em like some dust