No Hooks Testo

Testo No Hooks

(YoungBoyBrown, on my kids)

I'ma fuck wit' these niggas how they fuck wit' me (Fuck wit' me)
I can't show no love 'cause they ain't showed no love to me (Fuck them niggas)
Yeah, I was just thuggin' in these fuckin' streets
Yeah, what did you think?
Nigga, you ain't think (Yeah, let's go)
What did you think?
Better use your mind, please don't tweak (Use your mind)
I went down bad, nigga, got on my feet (On my feet)
Niggas, they show no love, they ain't fuck wit' me
Know they gon' switch up
I can't switch up
Stayed ten toes
Ride in the Rolls
Gotta get go


I can't fuck with these niggas
Private location, you can't get it
Bad lil' bitch, I gotta hit it
Yeah, then I gotta dismiss it
.22 on me, Emmitt Smith
Niggas act funny, ain't know shit
I get money, can't worry 'bout a bitch
Yeah, thumb through the check, gotta get to the shit
Niggas act funny, ain't worried 'bout that shit
These niggas just talk-talk, they on my dick
Just keep thumbing
Just keep coming
I flex, yeah, don't even work out
Not in a drought
Move the work in and out (Gone)
Ooh, need that cash in a large amount
I ain't need no help
Do this shit myself
They lost faith in me
I ain't worried 'bout nothing
Jeremy Lin, got me a ring
Addicted to these finer things
I'ma hop out a coupe wit' a beam
All this off the dome but these niggas think I write this shit
All these niggas clones 'cause they gon' bite this shit
Come here, bitch, and suck this dick
No, I don't even like the bitch
Ooh, yeah, I'm gone
Hop in the coupe, gone
Smoking too strong
They won't leave me alone
Please don't blow my phone
I speak a different language, just like Rosetta Stone
I'm lost in my mind
I can't waste no time
Foreign coupe, ain't got no mileage
All this drip, ain't go no stylist
These niggas mad just 'cause I'm popping
Niggas better stop it
Got that pocket rocket
I won't hesitate to pop it
Back on that bullshit
My niggas tote full clips
Steppin' on niggas just like ants
I got a check wit' no advance
Yeah, I do this
Knew this
You new to this
Blue bitch
Get out my way
Niggas hate
Yeah, they fake
Won't hesitate
Won't press the brakes
Always on the gas
Moving real fast
Yeah, get that check, blow it real fast
Get it right back
Addicted to these racks
No hooks