Call Testo

Testo Call

Yeah, okay, Yeah
(Callin' on, callin' on ya)
(I'm callin' on, callin' on ya)
I don't speak Spanish, man, but here we go

Aye, I'm on Promethazine, co-codeine, active visa
Pose for the camera
She lovin' my features
Spendin' cash, no visa
Her girl Lisa told her, "Pump your brakes. He's tryna lease ya."
But she just slipped into my DMs calling me a keepa
Woo, now ain't that some shit
These bitches they get what they want to
They come with the walk gotta mix with the talk
Encouragin' poison thoughts, too
But shorty, these cameras chose me
Don't get caught up posing
Paparazzi bitches watchin', clockin' the way that we motion
But I told you, girl, I'm focused
Woo, got a lean list and a coke list
So my trap lit and my tracks hit
With my accent
Got my out-of-town bitches flashin'
On the road thinkin' 'bout an Aston
Like, one day, we gon' cast in
We in traffic on these bastards like
Woo, and I just sent a text to Cody
Like the game owe me
I need a card and orchids
I'm like that special orphan
I was lost, but now I'm found so I need my space and portion
I'm talkin' Oprah fortune
My flow like rap extortion
Woo, aye

Baby, call on me, call on me
Yeah, Yeah
Woo, told her, baby, call on me, call on me
Aye, aye

I've been thinkin' for a minute like a limit
When a prison cast minutes say they gotta make a livin'
Woo, I've been thinkin' like a lot of niggas to me
Get frigid when I spit
"Pipe down, young nigga
Woo, been speakin' that truth, nigga, talkin' too lose
Don't get popped because the people there get you."
Woo, only with her on the weekends
'Cause weekdays I make plays
Andale my money comprende like ooh
I've been thinkin' 'bout a foreign and a motorbike
I've been thinkin' if I'm bringin' shorty home tonight
'Cause I'm drunk
Shorty callin' but the Uber right
Outside and this dress lookin' so right
So nice how that ass is so tight
Bet she doin' squats right and can take pipe
Like a dog fight 'cause I'm a dog, right?
Shit, she a dog, too
Woof, woof, what that pussy do?
Me and my friends, we got money to spend so make that booty move
She done made a couple ends, got the booty juice
It's the grand post-model boost
Aye, don't forget to hit the nova, still got shit to do
Aye, there's some likes on your pictures, too
Aye, there's some niggas you don't listen to
Aye, ain't changed, still [? 2:52], boo

Call on me, call on me
Fall on me
When you trippin'
Woo, call on me, call on me, call on me
When you missin'
Aye, baby
I'm callin' on ya, callin' on ya
Aye, aye, ooh
Ooh, baby, callin' on ya, callin' on ya
Yeah, yeah, ooh, ooh, ooh
Baby, I'm callin' on ya, callin' on ya
Aye, Aye, Aye
(Callin' on, callin' on ya)