Transition Testo

Testo Transition

What up? This is GLC
The Ism
Speaking this apostle gospel
And this player-like vision
Had to get on with my youngin' by the name of Fresco
Let's go
Blowin' on this motherfuckin' petrol
You know what I'm talkin' 'bout? That's that gas
We always gon' motherfuckin' outlast the motherfuckin' feds
Wanna get up with my little homie? Go ahead and pay money
As I rotate through these windy city streets
With my true player partner by the name of Brian Fresco
And SaveMoney
This shit is not a mirage
You know what I'm saying?
These nay nayer's frauds, better get on your job

Champagne with the breakfast
Every day a celebration
Living gold and when I walk in isolation, vibrations
Got these bitches eyes' rapin'
Niggas hatin'
Still never say shit, never phase shit
If you're trying to shake my hand 'cause they feel a nigga made it
Shouts to XXL where these bitches think I'm famous
And then they give Snapchats to me shameless
Every row some titties shakin'
Somebody tell Amy that she deserve an Oscar
And I got her when I make it
Uh, pop a Xan, calm me down
Shit, anxiety been gettin' to me
I got a feelin' all these [? 1:05] nights gon' rest assured my fam comfy
Turn the [? 1:07] to hella bands
Turn the YouTube mp3 to hella fans
And turn my peers into groupie class
And got my haters pissed
I hope you get the jist
I got a bucket list
It got me livin' lit
I put that on the 6
Say it's been a couple years, we've been workin'
Wow, niggas raw like the hitters
Lights is on us now
Lights is on me
People watch like, "What he on to?
What he thinkin'? What he gonna do?
He done drop on my [? 1:32]
So drop so money, what's next?
Proof? Hope this Casanova shit you been talkin' gon' do the thang for you
Swear you deserve it
Lot of niggas out here rappin' with no purpose
And your shit get past the circuit cutting deep
Then I think that you should
Celebrate like the Super Bowl
Celebrate like the Super Bowl."
Finger super froze
Ring big like the Super Bowl
Hundred super old
Super Bowl parade when I touch down
The city love me
Tell Mayor Rahm I need a key
Unlock the city, let my niggas fill they tummies
As the fruits grow, the labors shrink
Open mics to sold out shows
RIP to brother Mike
'Cause now we puttin' on 'til they call us home
And when they call us home, just know the doves cry
Been on the block since [? 2:12] service
Seen the whole pie [? 2:13]
Momma came in, saw me meddlin'
Like, "Called his father"
Daddy came home like, "Son, this how we beat the bottom
And I don't encourage you, but if you do, better serve like you Frank Luke
Be your own boss, of your own road, get your own crew
Never let these niggas contain you
Get your own court, get your own ball
Shit, I took that shit and ran with it
Now I'm in the club with Chance and Vic
They poppin' bottles, shower models
But the bands different
They swipe their cards out
But why? 'Cause the hustle different
That's why I got tunnel vision
'Cause I can't see these niggas
I'm in the fast lane
Stuck in traffic, bitchin', empty gasoline
I came from building
Fuck your block
My house was 20 feet
Ellis Park ain't never bred a bitch
That's why I'm on my feet
I'm still screamin' Ida B
Like, ain't no condos up on my own streets
Like, I don't think about that fire land
Or when Tionda and Diamond went missing
Growing pains, but I'm still growin'
Still growin', doing things
Going places, but never forget
What the low end made me
Keep me sane

Speak on it player
You know what I'm sayin'?
We gotta understand
This shit is real
As you represent the motherfuckin' land
You know what I'm talkin' 'bout?
This my man Brian Fresco
SaveMoney ain't a damn thing funny
Hopefully you can dig it
Dig it deep enough to find treasures
And realize that we come from a reckoning power of people
Bound by no means beyond motherfuckin' measures
You know what I'm talkin' 'bout?
Shit, this man speakin' the motherfuckin' truth
His life is the motherfuckin' proof
Shit, the angle is motherfuckin' obtuse
And sometimes it's a little bit acute
You know what I'm talkin' 'bout?
The hoes choose and these lames out here motherfuckin' lose
And you snooze, you lose
This is somethin' for your motherfuckin' mind
Nothin' for these lames to motherfuckin' include
You know what I'm talkin' 'bout?
Elevate the mind state, not the motherfuckin' crime rate
You know what I'm talkin' 'bout?
Shit so motherfuckin' serious amongs our motherfuckin' peers
Behold, my true player partner by the name of Fresco
Because this year is motherfuckin' his, yeah
And I am the motherfuckin' Ism