Revenge Testo

Testo Revenge

[News reporter talking:]
Inside getting a haircut was local rapper Brisco his real name is British Mitchell. Four men coming inside their guns drawn, they order everyone to the floor, all the customers, all the employees, down on the ground. These men strip them of their jewelry taking Brisco's car keys and eventually stealing his Range Rover which was parked outside. That vehicle was later recovered.

Ha, Scream at us,
Retaliation is a must,
Curses go out to your babies babies nigga,

[French Talking]
It was just me and her, we all alone at the palm [? ]
Protect me Lord if I fall Jesus,
And pussy niggas evil,
See they plotted on my treasure,
Always been the clean guy but now it's like whatever,
I'm down to get dirty cause baby I'm a rider,
We put down the sticks and pulled out the sliders,
Pall bearers and flowered wreaths,
Just the season for putting niggas under white sheets,
Fuck a diamond, you can have the gold,
Don't want it back young nigga, rather have your soul,
Mercenery, the [? ] truck waiting up at [? ]
Don't kno where ya from, but it's straight up war here,
Yeah my Haitian friend told me cross the water,
They waitin for them crackers to deport them, to kill em,
I can't help that I'm the golden child,
Set me up to lay me down, I want revenge now,
Ha, hahaha,
Street medicine, we have more,

[News reporter talking:]
There is a man who appears to be a customer that was sitting in the corner just before this robbery took place, he was on his cell phone. Police want to question this man, their trying to locate him because just after everything was stolen from all these customers, the man is given a tap by one of the suspects and he runs out, out.

I can't lie they caught me slipping,
I should have been another hollywood ass nigga,
Instead I'm in the field down all ten [? ]
I'm still getting this money, and fucking these hoes,
And these niggas don't like me, suck a nigga dick,
I bet when you by yourself, you be bumping my shit,
And your bitch ringtone be bitch on me,
Just know Brisco I'm strong on these streets,
And I got a little dough to puts hits on all ya'll,
So guess what I'm gonna do, put hits on all ya'll!
20, 000 for every nigga that's murdered,
I bet them fuck boys won't surface,

I love this shit nigga,
Retaliation is a must,
The art of war,
Guess what?
Them niggas was Haitian,
So I had to find another way to talk to them,

[French Rapping]

[Talking: Brisco]
These are words for those that robbed me,
21 gun salute nigga all out warfare,
An eye for an eye,
Curses go out to your babies babies,
I was built for this shit nigga,
You don't know,
Who I is.