Shit On Me Testo

Testo Shit On Me

Unh... Yeah
Ya'll know who it is (Do you know who I is...)
Brisco... uuunh...
I-I been kinda puzzled
I got a question... Yeah

I been such a good guy, Why they shit on me
Tell me, Lord, Why they shit on me
And I been down all my life, Why they shit on me
Tell me, ya'll, Why ya'll shit on me
And sometimes, sometimes I can't win for losing
And if the option was there, I couldn't win for choosing (Yeah...)
And it's the transition...

[Verse 1:]
Yeah... I been such a good guy, why they shit on me
Sell me one, then go in my key
Gimme dap and try to fuck my girl
You can have her, you can give her the world
But you will never be me
I said that you can never be me... ha
I got pressure you can tell I'm pissed
The price of pussy and gas prices be higher than a Biiitch... Yeah
And I'm higher than a Biiiitch
But I know that niggas switch
And I know that girls talk to other girls
Who talk to other girls and start some shit
See, ain't that a Bitch...
When you shove shit off a Bitch think you soft
And when you hit 'em with the hammer
Then yougo to the slammer
Then uh... this the transition


[Verse 2:]
Yeah... my co-D told on me and I can't see
My co-D tellin' on me, I couldn't believe
My co-D rode on me... ha
I saw the deposition, yeah, he wrote for me
He told 'em everything we did and everything we sold
I couldn't believe that he could be so cold
And it's the transition...
Yeah... we never really got along because I had more pearls
He could never be strong 'cause he was weak for them girls
He could never be wrong 'cause he was always right
And when it came to coppin' bottles he was always tight
He was always talkin' bout the drop offs and pick ups
And when them people came, they dropped off and picked up (Damn...)
This the other transition


[Verse 3:]
Ha... If you a hater get away-ay-aaaay
Cause I been down and I been real since the first day
Yeah, and listen dawg, I was always there
And you ain't have to think twice, boy, I'm always here
I make them niggas go away-ay-aaaay
And I been down and I been real since the first day... Yeah (Real talk, real talk, homeboy)
And it's the transition
I done been down and backstabbed and shot in the foot
You wouldn't believe all the shit I took
Could you believe all I ever really wanted
Was just to keep it real with' my homie
And when my dawg was down, I would pull 'em up
And when he would drift off, I would pull 'em in
Ha... yea... this the final transition... to win